These are some of the conditions that you might face after being affected with COVID

Respiratory Issues

Shortness of breath, cough, chest pain and other respiratory symptoms

Treatment: Physical exam. SatO2
Lab: Complete blood count, ESR.
Chest : X-Ray, Spirometry.

General, Muscular, Joint and Metabolic

Joint pain, muscular pain, arthritis, body ache and fatigue, tiredness, skin abnormalities, DM Arthritis rheumatoid, systemic lupus Erythematosus, psoriasis and other issues

Physical exam.
Lab: ESR, PCR, complete blood count, glycemia, creatinine, urea, urinalysis.
Special lab: Anti DNA test, ANA test, RA test


Headache, dizziness, loss of taste, loss of smell, cognitive conditions including memory loss, brain fog or mental fatigue, anxiety, depression or PTSD

Physical exam general and Neurological exam.
Lab: Blood count, Glycemia, lipids.


Chest pain, heart palpitations, heart arrhythmia, hypertension and other cardiovascular

Physical exam.
Chest X-Ray.
Lab: ESR, lipids, glycemia, urea creatinine, urinalysis, complete blood count.

Post-COVID Conditions