The emergency room and urgent care services are both necessary for those who have been injured. Sometimes these two terms are considered interchangeable as they serve similar purposes. Still, there is more than one difference between them that should matter to you as an individual seeking treatment at either type of facility.


The concept of rushing to a hospital’s emergency room if your child gets hurt or someone at work squares into an accident has changed. Today, people with non-life-threatening medical issues are treated as soon as they walk through the door called “urgent care.”


  • The urgent care centers are an excellent option for those who need quick, effective treatment of non-life-threatening conditions. There is no room available in these facilities to attend to severe illnesses or emergencies such as heart failure and stroke, which require immediate attention from an experienced professional doctor that can only happen in emergency rooms with more equipped equipment. The emergency rooms are there for you when your health care needs can’t wait.


  • The urgent care facility offers a convenient and affordable option for medical treatment. The doctors are more familiar with your health history, so you can receive immediate attention without waiting at the hospital or clinic. 


  • You can visit emergency centers if you’re experiencing chest pain, difficulty breathing, or uncontrolled bleeding. A person should go straight to an urgent care center for sprains and other minor injuries; they will be seen more quickly than at your regular physician’s office.


It is crucial to know the difference between urgent care and emergency room so that you don’t end up in urgent care for life-threatening symptoms. Also, you can save your time by not going to the emergency room for minor problems like sprain or flu, as a visit to the emergency room includes making an appointment and waiting for the treatment.


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