“Five Common Misconceptions Related to Urgent Care”

Taking care of mental and physical health can’t be overstated. Staying happy starts with eating right and exercising regularly- but sometimes something happens that requires immediate attention, like an injury or illness; those times call for urgent care centers come in handy because they provide quick services without requiring patients to go through long wait periods. Yet there are few myths related to urgent care. Below are a few of them.

  • The common misconception is that you have to wait until evening or on weekends before getting some medical attention. But many urgent care facilities are open 24 hours a day, meaning quick treatment can be delivered whenever needed!
  • Many think that urgent care can cost them a lot. But the experience at an urgent care can be much more affordable than going to the emergency room. You only need to pay your standard co-pay for a visit, and then insurance will cover everything required during service. Even if someone doesn’t have insurance, it is still affordable.
  • At times people misunderstand that they need an appointment to go to urgent care. But when you need treatment fast, there’s no better place than acute care. You can walk right in and receive quality medical attention without having an appointment.
  • People often think urgent care is the same as emergency rooms, but it’s not. People must go to an ER if they suffer from life-threatening injuries like severe bleeding or difficulty breathing. The typical issues seen at Urgent Care facilities include ankle sprains, nausea, and other acute illness.
  • Urgent care is often underappreciated because they have limited medical resources. But you should know that an urgent center has a variety of medical professionals all together providing excellent service for your needs!

 We at South Florida Urgent Care know that you want the best for your health and wellbeing. If there’s anything wrong with how it is right now, then see us! We will take care of everything from head to toe to make sure nothing worsens.


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