The pandemic led to the cancellation of flights and closure of several borders as a means of spreading COVID-19 and caring for each other. 

However, after several months, “normalcy” has gradually returned, and with it, the opening up of domestic and international travel. This has been done following biosecurity measures by airports and airlines, in order to continue caring for everyone.


Complying with what was imposed by the government and the WHO, it is now important for each traveler and user to look at some important points that are recommended at the time of travel, both for your personal care, as for those who will be at the destination where you arrive.


These are the recommendations that South Florida Urgent Care has for travel in times of pandemic.


Travel only if it is necessary.

Remember that every outing and social contact is a risk, so travel if it’s to see family, make an important trip, do your job, or for cases that are essential to you. Avoid travel for fun or vacations for a while, so that the peak of the pandemic can continue to be lowered.


Make sure you are not carrying the virus.

It’s important to make sure you don’t carry the virus where you are going, which is a social responsibility issue for us.

So before you travel, make sure you don’t have any symptoms, and if you feel you’ve been exposed, get tested for COVID-19.


Follow your own biosecurity measures

A trip exposes you to contact with other people, public toilets or touching contaminated surfaces. This implies, an important personal care of following biosecurity measures: use of the mask all the time, constant hand washing, use of antibacterials and alcohol, avoidance of contact with your oral areas and social distancing when necessary.


Check all the necessary at your destination

Make sure everything is in order at the destination you are going to: are there contaminated people at that location, do they accept travelers from the destination you are at, are there entry requirements at your destination, do you need a necessary paperwork such as COVID-19 tests?

It is important to be aware of what is needed to avoid difficult problems when you are away from your city or country.


These steps are necessary for all types of travel: air and ground. They all have the same personal and social care requirements.

Remember that this care is essential so that we can continue to resume activities without future mandatory quarantine measures again.


Success in your travels!