Have you ever stopped to think, how have health care workers lived through this pandemic, how does it feel to see the virus with your own eyes on a daily basis, how do they cope with difficult times?


Health care workers have had to build up a healthy mind during these months of the pandemic. Well, it’s certainly not easy to see people of all ages fighting for their lives with the virus, and many times it has come out on top.


Living different emotions every day in a reality that has changed the social routine has been hard for many people, but for those who give their lives, trying to beat the virus day by day, it has been a mental struggle from which they do not rest. How have they managed to face it?

Hector Felipe Cardona, a psychologist specializing in health and safety at work, said: “So that everything goes well and we can suffer the least impact as a society, having clear that these professionals not only strive from the physical and biological, but also from the cognitive and mental. They face each case meticulously and with the awareness of the care of each being with the pressures, the abundance of information and the uncertainty that generates the current moment”.


In this regard, the World Health Organization, WHO, (2006) states: “Health system workers around the world are subject to a wide and complex range of forces that are generating increasing stress and insecurity. Health workers need to be prepared to deal with challenges such as an aging population, new diseases and increased burdens of existing diseases, and increased conflict and violence. 


Some health centers have created mental health guidelines for health workers, generating emotional understanding of what they are experiencing.


One of them is SURA, which with its guide creates group spaces of accompaniment through talks where they can express themselves freely, moments of breathing, meditation, healthy pauses, walks, among other spaces that release stress.

Thus, as lines of attention to the staff in case they need it.

All this situation has generated problems in all: stress, anguish, fears, anxiety, and even health problems due to excesses of some of them.


It is time to be empathic with everyone around us. Understand that we are all living this in a different way, but that, in the end, it is something new for everyone.


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