It’s definitely an issue that has us all united worldwide. There is not a corner of the planet that has not heard thousands of news stories every day about the pandemic we are living and the tragedies it has brought.

But from the first moment, there have also been laboratories and groups of experts who have been working on the vaccine that will help us all get out of this, which has meant that today, we have several candidates for what will be our cure for this virus.

It is important to emphasize that all of them are still in the phase of clinical experimentation, but we are very close to obtaining answers. But what are the latest developments?

In July, the final phase of four of the candidate vaccines began, and the U.S. government has invested more than $1 billion in them.

Washington is said to have invested approximately $6.3 billion in recognized laboratories such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and AstraZeca, which should have a priority delivery to the United States of 500 million doses. As well as in two small companies such as Novavax, a biotechnology company that has never commercialized a vaccine before, and Moderna, which has already begun the testing stage with more than 30,000 volunteers.

Also, billions of dollars have been invested in therapeutic treatments, production plants, manufacturing of syringes and other medical supplies.

And at this point we are all asking ourselves: when will the vaccine be marketed?

Stéphane Bancel, the head of modern medicine, mentioned that the vaccine could start to be marketed in October or maybe in November.

On the other hand, it has been mentioned that one of the clinical trials of the vaccine developed by the Russian National Centre for Epidemiological and Microbiological Research ‘Gamalei’ will start its registration stage, as it has concluded its testing process.

In addition, according to the Health Minister, this vaccine will begin to be sent to different Russian regions and their vaccination systems could begin in October.

We could not have a clear answer to the question of an exact date, however, we are getting closer to being able to create antibodies in our bodies against this virus that has caused more than 600 thousand lives around the world so far, a fact that has put us all on hold and above all, to fill us with hope.

As Trump said, this process of fighting against finding a vaccine soon is an “Operation Warp Speed” which translated into science fiction terms means “Faster than the speed of light”, since, as he said “Never was a vaccine against a new pathogen so fast”.

And that’s certainly something that many people agree on. For example, the director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, who said that this has been a record time for creating a new vaccine.