With all this pandemic stuff and following the security measures, staying at home has been one of the most recurrent activities worldwide.

Yes, this time for the first time we can save each other by staying at home. This has meant less outdoor exercise, family planning for walks, swimming with friends and summer trips to the beach.

And what do all these plans have in common? The presence of the sun!

Staying at home has limited the presence of the sun in our bodies, so today we want to remind you of its benefits, so that you can encourage yourself to go out to your door, your balcony or take a short walk to fill up with the sun’s rays and become healthier.

Stronger bones and teeth: our body synthesizes the vitamin D that the sun gives us, which generates mineralization for bones and teeth.

Better mood: UV rays increase the production of a neurotransmitter related to the feeling of well-being.

Increases defenses: exposure to the sun helps increase white blood cells or lymphocytes, the cells responsible for defenses against infections and viruses.

Improves the sleep quality: the sun’s rays also produce effects on the melatonin hormone, which is in charge of regulating the sleep cycles.

Increases blood circulation: the sun causes vasodilation in the blood vessels, which reduces blood pressure, increases metabolism and purifies the tissues.

It has anti-inflammatory effects: in some dermatological diseases it has anti-inflammatory effects and also promotes the healing of injuries.

It improves the appearance of the skin: the sun’s rays help prevent and control acne, resulting in cleaner and healthier skin.

Finally, remember that everything in excess is counterproductive. We well know that exposure to the sun over long periods of time can cause serious skin burns, and severe damage to the skin over the years.

Sunbathing will have multiple benefits for our health and well-being as long as we do it in a controlled manner. For example, exposing yourself to the sun in the morning or afternoon and avoiding the midday sun, which is when its rays are strongest and causes the most damage to your skin.

In addition, 5 or 10 minutes of exposure twice a week can recharge the vitamin D deposits in our body.  This is very beneficial for growing children as it will strengthen their bodies and bones.

And finally, let’s make the most of this gift that nature gives us every day.

Let’s take care of ourselves at home, but let’s continue to benefit from the sun that accompanies us wherever we are.