The pandemic has generated many changes in our daily life. Since the order imposed by the World Health Organization was to avoid social contact, multiple student institutions and jobs were moved to different houses around the world.

Working from home and not from the office as we used to do, could have been an unexpected and perhaps difficult coupling change. However, it is about adapting, taking the appropriate measures to make ourselves aware that despite being at home, it is our work schedule.

Here are some tips to be productive during our homeoffice:

1.Create a suitable workspace:

Organize a space in your house with everything you need: desk, chair, computer and everything you need to take a posture that makes you feel like when you’ve been in the office. Avoid working in places that facilitate the feeling of laziness such as bed or sofa.

2.Make sure the place is quiet and organized:

Choose a place in your house that is quiet so that it doesn’t generate distractions. Make sure you have the support of your family and the people you live with, that they respect your workplace. And finally, try to make it a clean and organized space, that it provides you with good energy during the day, the concentration and fluidity you need.

3.Write down your pending tasks and prioritize them:

Making a check list is something that you may have been doing before, but at this time it works a lot to not forget any task in case you don’t maintain direct communication with your colleagues.

In the same way, it also works a lot to prioritize which are the most important or urgent, and start there.

4.Put time on your homeworks to finish your work schedule:

At home it can be very common that we procrastinate more, so be aware of the time that your tasks should take and try to do it. This will help you perform better and finish your earrings at the time you normally did in the office.

5.Identify your distractions and avoid them:

If you feel that time is not yielding you, try to identify what are the distractions that delay you a little: chats, social networks, youtube, tv, calls, etc., and try to avoid them while you are working. This way you will adapt to fulfill your duties on time, and your day will be more productive.

6.Keep in touch with your coworkers:

The communication process has totally changed. Perhaps the answers are not as immediate as sitting next to your colleagues during your work. So it is important to keep in touch with them. Find a channel that makes you feel comfortable and stay on top of all the processes that are taking place.

Finally, always stay positive about this change and appreciate that you have a job.

Keep in mind that being at home is working as seriously as face-to-face, only this time you have the opportunity to have more time for your activities, pick up those that you could not because of schedule issues, rest a little more, and most importantly : spend more time with the family.