Being all this time at home because of the pandemic could have already taught us several things:


  • That health and family are the most important
  • To value the little things that we did not see before: nature, plans with friends, outings to eat.
  • That being at home is not boring, since we discovered that there are thousands of activities to do together with those we love.

Take a moment of the day to think, and what new thing will I do today? You will see that even if you think you have run out of ideas, there is always something different to do at home.

If you haven’t thought about what to do today, here are some ideas:

1. Board games:

Board games have been our salvation in this time. It is great fun to play as a family while sharing quality time together.

There are so many that you can choose one that suits the age of all its members, a fun theme, a little encouragement and voila! how fun everything becomes

Also, the internet is a great help in finding the boards and rules of many games. Allowing us to do it ourselves, and have a new plan to do.

2. Learn a new recipe:

Social media has been maximized in the content of easy recipes to make. Take advantage of! look at one that you have the possibility of preparing and try to make a different lunch or a new dessert.

It will not only be fun to cook something different, but also share it with those you love.

3. Retakes a hobby:

It is time to resume what you loved so much and had forgotten.

Dance a little, sing, play that instrument you kept, use the camera again, read the book you never finished, paint for a while.

4. Learn something new:

That the excuse “is that I don’t have time” disappear. It is time to learn what you have always wanted: a new language, make a craft, learn makeup, investigate new topics.

5. Get some exercise:

Exercise will have very good benefits at this time. It will keep you energized and help keep your defenses high.

There are many ways to exercise at home, lean on videos and people who are sharing routines.

6. Recreate weekend activities:

Weekends are not boring if you recreate activities you used to do: a home theater, karaoke day, picnic at home, even a party.

Connect with your friends and make virtual games like stopping, being separated at sea an opportunity to make new planes.

7. Give yourself day of relaxation:

Take a day to pamper yourself: do a little yoga, fix your nails, get some masks, listen to your favorite music, order your favorite food, place your favorite movie.

8. Create communication spaces:

That spending more time at home also means more union. Talk to your family and ask them how they will feel, what they would like to do, what they learned this time and what planes they will have after this.

Together it’s always better!

Finally, remember that having a home already makes us lucky and that it has never been so easy to take care of those we love, like staying at home.

Now, we have the possibility to take care of ourselves together, it is fun and enriching, let’s take advantage of it.