Walk-in clinic

We offer an immediate quality service to help patients with minor health needs, injuries, pediatrics, vaccination and tests. All these a few miles away from your residence.


We have a qualified personnel to attend your medical urgency.


Our doctors solve your urgency condition, they also monitor you during your rehabilitation.


We are constantly adding more Locations and expanding our Medical Staff to give you a guaranteed quality service.

We are close to you

Close to your heart, a few miles away from your home.


The healthcare you deserve at an accessible price. We have alliances with most insurance companies.

Urgent care

Medical consultation



We are the ones who care about your health

Our patients are quite important for us. That's why we offer you a warm high-quality service

You'll feel better as quick as possible. 100%
Fast and adequate care. 100%
Close to you. 100%
High-quality and Warm 100%

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